This year our school is putting together a very interesting version of the yearbook that I think will appeal to the entire student body both current and former. I know we have successful alumni out there, it would great to share your story with the rest of us and what better way to do that than have it published. I personally can’t wait to share my story of how a former student like me ended up becoming an investigator for crimes against women at the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Office and how rewarding it is to serve our community.

I ask that you join me in helping make this project one that we all can be proud of and show our support for our school.

Scott Hawkins


I am the yearbook adviser for the Macomb Yearbook and Art Department. This year our theme is Then and Now. We are wanting to gather a list of successful graduates to have students interview and write articles about. We will also be conducting a timeline and running “then” pictures and stories from the 85 years Macomb Schools has been here. We would like to unite the community and make students aware of the opportunities are endless for what they can become. The deadline for this anniversary issue is March 31st in order to get it printed and in hand by May’s graduation. I really am looking for as much help as I can from the alumni association to make this historical document accurate and a success for the entire community. I will also send you a link you can add to your website to sell yearbooks to alumni and community members.

We won’t start interviews until the third week of school, around the 27th of August. If you let me know a day you might be available to stop by or have a student call you during our 5th-hour class 11:25-12:05 or after school, I will start scheduling my students.

If you could compile me a list of contacts you can give me or suggest will be great. We are looking to do at least 20-25 interviews with alumni. I also want to support Macomb alumni businesses. I want to offer owners ad space, or sponsorship pages before offering space to anyone else.

Kara D. Pekah
Macomb Public Schools
Middle School English,
Art and Yearbook