Prayers for Shawn Carolina Class of 2002

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SHAWNEE – A Shawnee man is in the hospital fighting for his life after being attacked and beaten early Saturday morning.  The man’s family says it happened around 2:00 am in a parking lot outside of the Brickhouse Saloon.  The man’s name is Shawn Carolina, and his family says he was having a drink with a friend when the attack happened, and it was all caught on video.  “I honestly thought I was going to lose him,” Shawn’s Wife Jamie said.  “I wasn`t sure it was the whole racial slurs thing until later that day at the hospital when the video surfaced.”

Jamie says in the video you can see her husband and his friend being attacked by two men.  As the men leave you can hear one of them yell “you’re dead,” followed by a racial slur.  “After they knocked him out, why continue to beat him?  They just pounded on him like he was nothing,” Jamie told News 4.  “It made me angry you know, of course.”

Shawn is a father of two, and he was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.  He’s still in the hospital today.  Jamie says witnesses told her the man that attacked him was acting very different inside the bar.  “The guy that did most of the pounding on him, he was buying my husband drinks and hugging him,” Jamie said.  Acting like they were the best of friends.”

Jamie also believes the attack was racially motivated because of the slur you can hear being said in the video.  “I just want people to pay attention, and quit thinking that color even matters,” Jame told News 4.  We are all made by the same person, and we were all made to love each other.”

The family has set up a Go Fund Me to help with medical bills.

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