We are seeking volunteers to help out with the 2018 alumni events. If you’re interested in helping out in the following areas please lets us know ASAP by texting or private message us on Facebook (405) 585-6472 your full name and the area you would like to help in.

Areas where we need help.

Decorating the cafeteria for the Alumni Banquet:

We always need help decorating the cafeteria for the banquet. This requires moving heavy tables to be rearranged which takes at least two people per table to move. Placing tablecloths, placing the table decorations and limited food preparation. We might ask you to do other tasks during this time.

Alumni Banquet:

Our banquet is very busy especially during the auction. You will be asked to help out at this time to help keep track of winning bidders and report them to appropriate staff members. You might be asked to walk around the group to show off auction items. There might be a chance we will need you in other areas during the banquet.

Alumni Basketball Game:

We will need your help before the game to open the gym up to help cool it down and assure entry fees are collected. We might ask you to help out in different areas during the game.


Scott Hawkins, President